About Us

BAZIBUHE Mr Jean-Marie Vianney, founder of HHV:

“The African Great Lakes suffer many challenges. They must heal the damage done during recent environmental and social crises (such as war, poverty, famine, disease, …) and make up for lost time developmentally to catch up with the rest of the world.

How did I get the idea?

During my stint as a midshipman at the Xaverian missionaries, I received spiritual and philosophical training with Fathers Bernard and Oberlin Sisto da Rold. Through my education, which incorporated the teachings of Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi, I realized that the life and dignity of a human being is worth more than gold.

By living during a time of war and bloodshed in the Great Lakes region, I have witnessed people experience the distress and pain of losing their loved ones. I have watched as children lost their parents and became orphans. I have seen people hope to die or be killed to alleviate their despair. I have observed traumatized people turn to drugs so they may escape their heartbreak. Finally, I decided I could not to keep silent in the face of the misery of my brothers any longer.

 In 2008, I conceived the idea for this organization. I began on my own by quietly serving the rejected children I met in the streets. In 2010, I joined with Julien Munganga and Lucio Kikuni to formally establish this organization so it may become part of the effort towards enforcing the rights of the poor, especially the children, in the African Great Lakes Region. On April 10, 201, the dream came true.

Catchment Area
Hope and Health Vision serves Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo