Leadership Team

Jean-Marie Vianney Bazibuhe

Founder and Executive Director

Mr. Bazibuhe is a Clinical and Social Psychologist in Burundi. In addition to his education he has received research training to develop supportive services to guardians of children with emotional, mental or interpersonal difficulties. Mr. Bazibuhe is also former Catholic member of the Xaverian missionaries Seminary in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Julien Munganga

Executive Secretary

Mr. Munganga is a Clinical and Social Psychologist in Burundi. He is currently a student at Hope Africa University in Burundi.

Lucio KikuniĀ 

Financial Officer

Mr. Kikuni is a Social Worker and Agent Consultant at Hope Africa University in Burundi. Having ties in both Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo, he has worked as a secretary in the 2006 Independent Electoral Commission in Bukavu, Congo and has been in charge of finance in the Congolese Community of Students in the University Hope Africa for two terms.

The Hope and Health Vision staff is made up of 15 Burundians and Congolese of the African Great Lakes region who are also psychologists, doctors, social workers, and community organizers.

Pic Team HHV

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