Pic 19 Hope and Health Vision provides the following ongoing programs

Homeless Outreach

This program  identifies children located in Burundi (both Burundian and Congolese) who are living on the streets to provide them with interventions. HHV creates a safe environment where the children receive therapy, food, mentorship and guidance to help them get off the street. Additionally, their involvement provides positive peer support.

Comprehensive Support

Through this program, HHV provides comprehensive support for children living in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi. Support includes scholarship for education, as well as, financial, psychological, and medical assistance for children who show great need as well as great promise. Currently the program supports 12 children in Uvira South Kivu, Congo and 5 in Bujumbura, Burundi.

Substance Dependency

In a place where it is cheaper to purchase drugs than food HHV developed a program to address drug addiction. Having already served 3000 young students, HHV provides drug abuse prevention to youth through weekly group sessions and one on one support. Youth are also given anti-drug education so they may better understand the effects of substance abuse in an effort to deter this harmful action.

Trauma Center

In many children from the Democratic Republic of Congo were recruited  and brainwashed at a young age to aid militia in committing violent acts against their neighbors. HHV had dedicated themselves to recruited children ready to leave this life and give them the the chance to start anew. By providing these traumatized children counseling and tailored services, HHV helps to smooth the transition from creating violence to productivity.

Completed Projects

Projects Awaiting Funding