Needs Funding

Some of HHV’s projects originated from the community. The following projects were ones organizations or individuals requested HHV to develop.

Vocational Delinquency Reform

This project aims to support children who were in armed groups and others in vulnerable situations in the province of South Kivu in the DRC, Uvira. The overriding goal is to offer these children live in healthy conditions in which their basic needs met (housing, food, clothing, health, and education for getting jobs in their lives).

Beneficiaries: 30 children boys among 10 to 22 years.

Healing Raped Women of South Kivu

The objective of this project is to provide psychosocial support to raped women of Mwenga in the province of South Kivu in the DRC. The team Hope and Vision Health in collaboration with the general  hospital of Mwenga will provide therapy (individual therapy, family therapy and group therapy) to rape victims and psychotherapy training for nurses of this hospital.  After the project duration, 2 psychologists of HHV will go in Mwenga once a month (during 5 months) to monitor the evolution and to see how the trained nurses practice the psychotherapy.

Beneficiaries: 70 to 100 raped women and 10 Nurses of the General Hospital of Mwenga.

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